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Why Club-Blazers?

The answer as to “why Club-Blazers?” is easy, we believe we are simply the best at what we do. We can’t boast 50 years of history in making blazers, we can’t boast a view of a beautiful river and no, nor do we have a strange hybrid name. What we can boast though is that we make the highest quality, most affordable and wearable blazers you can buy. So, our blazers are not meant just for the wealthy and well to do and they are not designed just to be worn on special occasions, committee meetings or annual get together. Our blazers are meant to be affordable and so worn every day and by everyone.

It is not our desire to see half a team wearing our blazers because the other half doesn’t have the financial resources. It’s our objective to have every team member kitted out in our blazers on a Saturday afternoon. Affordability, wearability, quality and our service are the keys to making that happen and our customers will always be our top priority. We are the only company that can boast that. Our proud list of returning clients is extensive from The Springboks to the British Army to the Royal Air Force to clubs, societies and universities across the UK. We are also immensely proud to say that we “give back as well” and support HELP FOR HEROS every single year.