At Club-Blazers we believe that our blazers speak for themselves. You only have to look at our web site, see our list of clients, the photos of their blazers and then read their testimonials to see that we are without question the modern choice for bespoke team blazers. With our testimonials you won’t see vague acknowledgements, what you will see is a full testament to the experience of dealing with Club-Blazers for that modern blazer you are looking for. You will have been told repeatedly to the benefits of a traditional blazer made with natural fibers, that they are a superior cloth to the mix blends, that the drape is superior, that they look and feel better and that they will last you longer and that they are traditional. However, “tradition”, by the most part, is just a way of disguising outdated practices and outdated cloths. You may not be getting a better blazer but you will certainly be paying twice the cost of what you should pay, or want to pay, for the privilege of wearing that blazer.

The experience of wearing your heavy wool blend blazer also becomes evident as soon as you wear one on a warm summer’s day or humid autumn night; they are unbearable hot, heavy and uncomfortable. The reality to all breathable, natural fiber blazers is that the minute you add a manmade lining, such as satin, into the blazer they become as breathable as a 265 gram heavy plastic bag. So don’t be convinced that paying twice the cost means a higher quality blazer and deciding on who to choose to make your blazers isn’t just about the cloth or desire to stay “traditional” It is about quality and value for money. Remember, you’re not being “untraditional” to choose Club-Blazer’, just sensible.