We offer a choice of cloth to suit every budget, ranging from the finest natural fibers to excellent man made materials and irrespective of the cloth you choose each blazer is hand made to the same high standard by our own in-house master tailors. Striped cloth is always made to order and in most cases unique to the club or group ordering it. This brings with it a problem of what to do in the future should you want to order smaller, top up orders, as most clubs do. Choosing a wool mix leaves you only two choices; either pay for additional expensive cloth to store with your tailor or order the cloth on an as-needed basis and accept the lengthy lead times and very high unit costs associated with smaller 6-8 pc orders.

Club-Blazers do not require you to make such choices. Once a customer has placed an initial order we hold that price for 12 months, irrespective of the number of top up blazers ordered, even if it’s only 1. Moreover, there is no lengthy waiting time with top up orders and these will be completed in exactly the same 4-5 week as the main order.